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  R.B. Chimica was established in Genoa (Italy) in 1979 for the production of clinical chemistry cytology and histology reagents. In the year 1981 R.B. Chimica moved to La Spezia. Since then they experienced a constant growth due to the fast development of the new diagnostic & analytical technologies in the medical and scientific sector.  

    In the meanwhile, R.B. Chimica was able to specialize in the design & installation of laboratories intended for a wide range of applications: scientific & routine research labs; clinical chemistry labs ( hematology, serology, bacteriology, toxicology, anatomy, research in general).  
  Chemical & physical labs for material testing and research; general-purpose labs; food testing labs; explosive, paint, textile material, air & water testing labs; industrial chemistry labs for the oil and process industry; training labs for universities and schools.  

  At the same time, R.B. Chimica devoted their attention to the medical & surgical equipment and systems, including standard single-use products, special products, diagnostic equipment, logistic support systems and so on.  

  Thanks to their expertise in the medical field, their expert team and a scientific approach scheme, R.B. Chimica is now in a position to solve any structural problems concerning the technological scenario of medicine and surgery in a flexible and efficient manner.    

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