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  The widest articles and instruments collection for
out-patient gynecology. Particular attention has been placed on the supply of woven and cells sampling systems for biopsy. Rapid out-patient tests on urine and whole blood. Furnishings and instruments for surgery, colposcophy, ultrasound system.

  The catalogue contains a wide article range, from standard medication to sutures, which can satisfy both polyspecialized out-patient, and small clinical requirements. For the detailed products lists turns out besides a valid consultation instrument which offers indispensable technical information for the proper products identification.  

  catalogo ginecologia It exposes many international companies production which produce articles and reagents for search and analysis in the field of the biotechnologies. In the catalogue are also present Vitro® line products.  

  It contains coloring, fixatives, reagents and conservation liquids for pathological anatomy.  


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